LynkMed’s mission is to transform US healthcare by investing in and operating businesses with the potential to resonate our aspirations. The driving force of every plan, decision and action is our vision. The founding members are a unique combination of boomer vintage broad based business and healthcare experience and millennial insights as a seasoned, second generation entrepreneur in healthcare. The founders have been close associates in the healthcare industry for many years and are now brought together by their shared vision.

LynkMed uses its’ collective experience and laser focus in healthcare to implement sustainable business models to achieve their vision by enhancing the economics and enjoyment of healthcare practitioners in delivering superior patient care. LynkMed knows that this cannot be achieved by government, but rather by entrepreneurship and business accessing the exciting technologies and innovations we are privileged to have available to us to uplift and extend the reach of healthcare in the US.

Prevention is the new order in healthcare and the exciting research, clinical data, diagnostic devices and monitoring tools invite us to transform healthcare.

Bruce Vermeulen

Bruce is a former partner of Deloitte Touche and the CFO of two banking groups in South Africa. He has been involved in several start-up and early stage companies and has been extensively involved in the US medical industry since 2003, implementing over 300 medical spas, consulting to hundreds of medical practices and has also invested in and owned several companies in this industry. He is a Certified Public Accountant and Auditor, holds a Master of Finance Degree, a Bachelor of Accounting Degree and is a Certified Associate in Banking.

Trace Herchman

Trace is a young and seasoned second generation healthcare entrepreneur with unique insights to address the huge opportunity in the emerging millennial segment in healthcare.   Trace who was at medical trade shows before most of learnt to ride a bicycle has experience that spans from technical and clinical to business development, product development and helping physicians expand their practices. Trace has owned and partnered in several businesses in healthcare and has had high level involvement with fast growing companies expanded nationally and globally.

Glynnis Mileikowsky

Glynnis has been an industry consultant on dietary supplement product development and marketing strategies for dietary supplement products, and she has 18 years’ experience in the natural products industry. Her prior experience includes marketing scientifically researched German phyto-pharmaceutical products to practitioners in the US. She also created and headed Business Expansion and Product Development for a major direct-to-consumer dietary supplement marketing and publishing company, where she was also Group Publisher of health-related newsletters and marketing content. Glynnis has served on advisory boards in corporate and non-profit organizations on strategy and innovative business processes. Mrs. Milekowsky holds a Bachelor’s degree in English and Psychology.